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  • The driver must be 23 years old to be able to rent a car or van and have a minimum of 2 years of experience with the driving license.


  • LIMITED MILEAGE, the mileage is that indicated at the time of making the reservation or that indicated in the contract when the vehicle is picked up, you can drive as many kilometers as you want if you take the appropriate rate (Request information at the office from the customer service staff). Client), paying the difference in Kilometers at the price indicated in its column or requesting another more advantageous rate.
  • TAXES, The value-added tax (VAT) is included in the vehicle rate. There is no payment fee, except occupant insurance and deliveries and collections outside the office or after hours.
  • CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE, The lessee and authorized drivers on the front participate in the benefits of an automobile insurance policy arranged by the lessor against civil liability (damage to third parties), for an unlimited amount, in accordance with the terms stipulated in said policy. The responsibility of the lessee with respect to the damages caused to the rented vehicle is limited to the amount of the excess determined in the conditions of the contract. Damages CAUSED TO THE ROOF OF THE VEHICLE NOR THOSE CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OF THE RENTER will never be covered. In case of theft or fire of the vehicle, the client’s responsibility is $1,501.01.
  • MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS, SALEM WATER TAXI- MOORE rentals in Texas and in The US allow you to return the vehicle at different points from the third day with an extra charge, it is not allowed between the peninsula and the islands and/or between the islands.
    To travel to Portugal, you must request authorization and pay an amount of $9/day, with a minimum of $27 and a maximum of $90. Driving our vehicles in MOROCCO is not allowed.


  • Remember that you have reserved a group of vehicles and you can choose neither the engines nor the colors of the vehicle, in the event that the requested group of cars runs out, we will always be obliged to give you a superior one, respecting the price.


    At the time of delivery of the vehicle, the level of fuel that it has at that moment will be recorded and it must be returned with the same level.
    In the event that the customer does not deliver the car to the same standard, the difference will be charged and the customer may be responsible for paying a reasonable administration or service fee.
    At the beginning of the Rental, you must pay with your credit card the amount corresponding to the deposit, which is specified in the characteristics of each vehicle. The amount will be returned to you upon delivery of the vehicle, deducting from it the amount of any damage, if any, or reimbursing the deposit if you return it in the same state it was received at the beginning of the rental.
    Optional insurance; you have the possibility to CONTRACT insurance that covers occupant accidents. You can take out this insurance at the SALEM WATER TAXI- MOORE RENTALS office, the cost of the insurance is 7.00 euros per day. It is valid per car per day for all groups of cars or vans requested.

WHAT DOCUMENTATION DO YOU NEED? In order to remove the car from our facilities, the following documents are required.

  • Valid Driver’s License and National Identity Document DNI or Passport.
  • Credit Card whose holder is the driver of the vehicle.
  • Copy of the reservation form made on the network. If any of these requirements are not met, the car rental cannot be made.
  • Once the above requirements have been fulfilled, a contract will be completed in duplicate, in Spanish, where the terms and conditions of the rental contract are collected. Once the conditions have been signed and accepted, the vehicle and a copy of it will be delivered to you.
  • A copy of the contract will be filed and kept for the minimum period required by law.
  • To make the vehicle rental effective, it is necessary to present a copy of the DNI and the Driving License. The purpose is to record and duly identify the person making the rental, as well as that they have a driver’s license and, therefore, can carry and drive the corresponding vehicle. It is necessary that Texas Automobile Rental, SA (hereinafter, “Salem Water Taxi- Moore Rentals”) keep a copy of the documentation, for possible requirements, claims or incidents.
    From Salem Water Taxi- Moore Rentals we assume our confidentiality commitment regarding said information. The data will not be transferred to any person or entity outside the company unless it is necessary to submit said information before the Judges and Courts, the Security Forces and Bodies, or before any Public Administration by legal requirement.
    Likewise, we inform you that the data will not be used for any other purpose than to celebrate the corresponding hiring of the vehicle rental and, in the event of an incident, to be able to carry out the corresponding control.
  • All pertinent security measures are placed on said documentation, as well as on any other information contained in the rental contract or derived from it, to prevent access by unauthorized third parties and guarantee its absolute confidentiality and integrity.


  • To make the payment of the reservation and the rent you can do it with any credit card except AMEX and DINERS CLUB.
  • Remember that the cardholder who pays for the service must also be the person who appears on the rental contract, if this condition is not met, the vehicle cannot be delivered.


  • The delivery and collection of the vehicle will be made in the place indicated on the reservation. See the list of available offices and conditions, for deliveries and collections outside offices consult the nearest office.


  • You will have to send us your request, indicating the wish to cancel your reservation so that the difference can be paid. You can also request any modification of the previous reservation, in this case, you will be answered as soon as possible if it is possible or not.
  • Remember that the expenses for early cancellation of the reservation will be a maximum of $30 in all vehicles, except vans with bodywork, which will be $50, and 9-seater vehicles, which will be $100. Your reservation will be held for 2 hours from the time announced by you, after which it will be automatically canceled, losing the amount paid with a maximum of $30, $50, or $100 depending on the type of vehicle.